Sunday, September 22, 2013

Use Your Outdoor Fountain for Halloween Stew

monster stewOver time, you learn to make use of the features in your yard to enhance your spooky Halloween display.

We have a fountain in our front yard right by the entryway but I've never figured out what to do with it when I decorate for any holiday.

This image, though, is the perfect inspiration for making some Halloween stew and putting that fountain to good use for once. 

Looks like they've added a bunch of plastic props, masks, and eyeballs along with some floating marsh or weeds.  (I've got a few of those I can use...)

You'd want to light this one up somehow with some nearby outdoor lights or some solar lights that point at the fountain if yours isn't already lit.

I'm sure you'd want to clean the fountain carefully after the holiday but what a great way to do something unexpected. 

If you don't have a fountain in your yard, get one of those wood (with a liner) or metal tubs, fill it with water and do the same thing.  That's actually a more flexible option since you can place the tub wherever you'd like. 

In fact, I could see setting the candy bucket right there by the guy's apple-filled mouth!

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